Tulsa Fire Alarm Building

The 1931 Tulsa Fire Alarm Building served as Tulsa’s first centralized fire dispatch center.  Elaborate exterior terra cotta panels depict its intended use with stylized PWA art deco motifs consisting of fire-breathing dragon gargoyles, fire axes, and fire hose nozzles. This art deco jewel, sat empty for many years and had fallen into disrepair.

In 2005, this stunning building was revitalized for the American Lung Association of Oklahoma.  The unique terra cotta panels, easily the most significant feature of the building, were carefully analyzed, cleaned, and restored.  Exterior windows were repaired and re-glazed with insulated glass, the roof and skylight were replaced above the rotunda, restrooms were renovated for accessibility, and new terrazzo flooring was installed.  The refurbished building integrates “green” construction materials to maximize a clean indoor air environment.  Special considerations include high efficiency mechanical systems with particulate filters to control dust, extra ventilation to minimize mold potential, and a host of other building materials aimed at improving indoor air quality.