The office of Todd Architecture Group has closed – but there’s more!

It is with great excitement that I announce that I am now a part of the team at GH2 Architects as a Senior Architect. GH2 is not buying my firm, but they did hire my entire design staff – Richard Say, Mike Park, and Chris Gibson. My current projects will continue with the exact same team. The biggest difference? – I now have the resources of an 85-person architecture firm supporting our efforts as we continue on.

COVID impacted my firm with several key projects put on hold and others being cancelled completely. The past two and a half years have seen a slow recovery of new projects with both familiar clients and several new ones. Unfortunately, the overall volume of work was not sufficient to sustain the overhead of my office. I am forever grateful for the trust placed in me to be the architect for so many people that I consider to be my friends.

My excitement to be a part of GH2 is immense. The culture of GH2 is a perfect fit for me and my TAG staff. Everyone is project-focused with the goal to meet the unique needs of every client. I encourage a visit to their website to learn more:

I look forward to continuing to provide design services for my current clients along with the prospect of working with clients not yet found. I see a bright future!

Whit Todd August 2022

Studio of TODD Architecture Group.

Whit Todd, aia